Redesign Process

Redesigning takes custom work to a whole new level and gives your old gold and materials an unrecognizable new life!  Have an idea and existing jewellery that you just don't wear?  Work with us to design something totally new using your existing gold and gemstones.  

                      Design & Models


We carefully select your best quality and offer you their best possibilities.  Designing with your materials is a very similar process as creating a custom piece, we just use your materials!  

We start by gathering information and come up with a sketches to get us on the same page.  We draw and tweak the design and when you're satisfied we head to the bench.  More often than not we hand carve a wax model or offer you a 3D CAD rendering so you can see it before it's made!






At the bench we use traditional goldsmithing techniques to create your redesigned piece.   We often cast your materials using a wax model and where we're able, we hand fabricate.  The process may not always look pretty, but the end results shine!


During the manufacturing stage we take extra care to ensure your old jewellery turns into a quality piece of jewellery that lasts! 



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